To ensure GDPR compliance and protection of your customer's data, it is no longer possible to create open lists.

  • Already created open lists will not be accessible to non project managers from May 25.

  • We have created a new way to share a list allowing you full control over who you have shared it with.

  • You can share the lists by email with customer contact persons on the project and/or any custom email addresses.

  • You can see when the list was sent, when it was last accessed and revoke a person's access to the list at anytime.


  • Get in touch with us at to enable email authentication for all Admin web users in your office. This setting affects Super Administrators, Office Administrators and Project Managers.

How does it work?

  • When you log in, an email with a 4 character code will be sent to the email address connected to your account. You will have to enter this code in Qondor to authenticate yourself.

  • Your web browser will remember your authentication, but if you haven't been active in Qondor within 30 days you will have to have this authenticated again.


  • We have added a restriction that will not allow Admin Web users (Project Managers) or Customer contact persons to use the most common passwords on the internet for security reasons.

  • Admin Web users and Customer contact persons must now have a minimum of 8 characters in their passwords.

  • Qondor will let them know if their password is too weak when they try to log in. They will receive the following message:
    "Your current password is not strong enough. Please create a new password".


  • Improved transport products to be able to handle a vast amount of tickets.

  • General performance improvements and small bug fixes.

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