• You can now see the last 20 projects you have visited, regardless of status or project manager.

  • You have a Simple and Advanced mode for search to avoid seeing lots of options you do not normally need. Qondor will remember your preferred mode.

    Simple mode:
    Search by project, destination, status and/or customer

    Advanced mode:
    Search by the above as well as contact person, project manager and/or project departure and return date

  • When you have done a search and want to see your recent projects again, simply click "Reset" next to the Search button.

  • Tip! Select "Open links in a new tab" to stay on your search page and open projects in new tabs instead, if you do not like to lose your search criteria.


  • We are introducing Project stages for more accurate financial forecasting.

  • The probability percentage set in Project Settings -> Financial info has been replaced by a Project stage drop down menu in the Project info tab. The options here are defined by your Office administrator (superuser).

  • Probability percentage on existing projects will be kept and introduced as options in the new drop down menu. Your Office administrator can disable them from use on new projects, but they will be kept on existing projects to make sure no data is lost.

  • When a project is confirmed, the project stage is automatically set to 100%.

  • This change along with the Main offer setting, are the first steps towards a Project Ledger (project financial overview), currently being developed, which will also give your office more accurate financial forecasting.


  • Office administrators can edit which alternatives should be available in the Project stages drop down menu.

  • Access Office -> Project stages. Here you can add new percentages and give them names to make it easier for Project managers to select one. You can also give names to existing percentages.

  • You can also disable percentages (except 0 - Cancelled and 100 - Confirmed) so they cannot be used on new projects. 

  • You can only delete a percentage from the list if it is not in use on any projects.

  • If you do not edit anything, the following stages will be available for selection:
    0 - Cancelled
    All probability percentages used on existing projects created before 6 Feb 2018.
    100 - Confirmed

  • In Office -> Settings -> General -> Default project stage settings, you can define standards so Project managers do not have to make the selection for the majority of projects:
    - Which stage should be default for new projects being created?
    - Which stage should be default for undecided products in confirmed projects?

  • You can now search for customers by name, location or contact person, instead of browsing through a long page :)

  • If you want to see the full customer list, simply click "Search".

  • To edit a customer, click on the Customer name. The "edit" page is the same as before, only that "Delete customer" is now at the bottom of the Edit customer page.

  • Soon you will be able to categorize customers and use those in your search too!

Several smaller improvements and bug fixes.

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