• Every project with offer(s) will now have a main offer. This can be used for financial forecasting in the near future, stay tuned.

  • The first offer on a project will automatically be set as the main offer

  • When an offer is confirmed, is it automatically set as the main offer

  • For existing projects with more than one offer but no confirmed offers, the first offer is automatically set as the main offer

  • On projects with more than one offer, you can manually change the main offer. In Offer settings you can check the "Main offer" box:

In Project Details, you can simply click on the "dollar" sign to the right of the offer name, on the offer you want to be the main offer:

  • It is clearly visible whether the offer you are working with is the main offer, this is indicated by a dollar sign in various places; Project Details, Offers main drop down menu and offer sub menus.


  • You can now easily include public Project files as links in emails to participants, instead of adding file attachments. This is recommended to avoid issues with email attachments like spam and large files, and it is more user friendly. In email dialogues, choose the public file you want to add, and give the link a new name if needed there and then.


  • Every team can now have its own phone number, address (address line, zip code, city, country), organisation number, bank account number and IBAN number.

  • Team name, phone number and email address is visible in the footer of Customer Web

  • Teams will automatically use office information unless you specify otherwise per team

  • Address is visible on Customer invoices, Booking invoices and Credit card receipts

  • Organisation number, bank account number and IBAN number is visible on Booking invoices and Credit card receipts

  • It is now possible to report by team utilizing the Reporting API

  • It is now possible to invoice by team utilizing the Invoicing API

  • A project is connected to a team if the office has any. This is by default the main project managers' team on the project.

  • You can read more about Qondor teams at the bottom of the Customize your Qondor page.


  • Deactivated Project Managers are now marked as "Deactivated" in Project details and Project settings. In Project search you are now also able to search by deactivated Project managers.

  • Transport products are now faster to load and save

  • Several smaller improvements and bug fixes

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