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RFID Setup - Uploading check-in codes
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In a project with RFID check-in, you're most likely using a wristband (RFID) to check-in your attendees. To authenticate these wristbands, you need to import an Excel document containing a list of valid codes that match the wristbands. If you are not ordering your wristbands through us at Qondor, make sure your supplier gives you a list of all the codes. This article will show you how to upload the Excel document containing your check-in codes.


1.  From the main menu, navigate to Program -> settings.
2. Go to the Check-in code tab
3. Click the Check-in code validation button to upload the file containing your participants' check-in codes.

  • The data must be on the first sheet

  • The first row must contain column names

  • The sheet must contain only one or two columns of codes

A valid example file might look like this:

After successfully uploading a file you can download the file again at a later time if you want to check your codes:


After successfully uploading a list of valid check-in codes, you have two different ways of mapping your attendees to their wristbands (RFID).

1. You want your attendees to map their own wristband number (RFID check-in code) from the Program module:

2. You want to map the attendees yourself from the Qondor Admin Web

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