Upload Project Files to keep everything in one place

We're excited to launch Project Files, where you from Project Details can upload files to each project, for example, supplier contracts, restaurant menus, customer logos and images etc.

We would love it if you try Files in your projects and give us feedback on how it works!

Register emergency customer contact on each project

In case of emergencies, it's crucial for you and your customers to track who're travelling, where and when and get in touch with people responsible. We are developing a travel tracking solution where the first step is being able to define a customer emergency contact person. This is done in Project Settings:

On new and existing projects, the main contact person is set as the emergency contact, but you can add another contact person and define this as the emergency contact instead. You can in Project Details see who is the emergency contact:

In the near future, you will be able to search for and communicate specifically with these emergency contacts by SMS and email. Stay tuned!

Easier to search for product images

When searching for existing images to use on products, the search will automatically show search results based on the product name. This makes it a lot faster to find the image(s) you want to use!

Default margin on offers for quicker price calculation

We are in the process of developing a full calculation module for offers, and one step is to support a default/standard margin per offer to make it easier for you to calculate selling prices directly in Qondor! You can set default margin in Offer settings:

  • If you set a default margin, the out/selling price on product prices on the offer will automatically be set based on the in/net price and the default margin:

  • The default margin can include as many decimals as you want, but Qondor will reduce it to two. If you register a margin of 15,358 %, Qondor will change it to 15,36 %.

  • If you update a net/in price where there is already an out/selling price, the out/selling price will not be automatically changed.

  • If there is no default margin on the offer, there will be no automatic price updates.

Easier to set whether bookers can change their booking or not

For registration form bookings, you now in Form Settings specifically define whether bookers can change their booking or not. Previously there was no setting for this, you had to set Deadline for change in the past if bookers weren't allowed to change. The new setting is "Allow changes by booker":

How does this affect my projects?

  • If "Allow changes by booker" is activated, you can define a Deadline for change

  • New projects created on August 22nd 2017 or later does not have "Allow changes by booker" activated

  • Existing projects with a Deadline for change set has "Allow changes by booker" activated, with the same Deadline for change as before

  • Existing projects without a Deadline for change set and no login_link in the booking confirmation email, doesn't have "Allow changes by booker" activated

  • Existing projects without a Deadline for change set but with login_link in the booking confirmation email, has "Allow changes by booker" activated

Several improvements and bug fixes

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