Technical requirements found below are per on site Check-in Point. The number of Check-in Points recommended per event will vary depending on the number of attendees.

An internet connection is recommended for all our Check-in methods, however, all check-ins and vouchers used are stored securely. If the system is offline, it will automatically sync when the internet connection is restored. To report check-in real time, you must be online at all times.


  • A laptop

  • A RFID Scanner

  • Wristbands

We have 10 RFID Scanners optimised for performance available to rent:


  • A laptop and a QR Scanner

  • Or your mobile phone*

We have 10 QR code Scanners optimised for performance available to rent:

  • *If you are using QR code with mobile camera check-in, you only need your mobile phone (the mobile phone must be newer than 2016 using iOS or Android.) 


  • A laptop or a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet)

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