This is a minor release containing mainly bugfixes. The release also feature the introduction of customer number and prefilling customer information on the invoice specifications. Another, bigger release is planned towards the end of February.

The release will be published to our customers during Week 5 & 6.

Details can be found below.

Change notes

Below follows a list of changes released of this minor release.

Improvements and changes

  • Customer number has been added to the Customer, Address is split into several fields, and country is a dropdown selector.

  • Customer address and customer number is now automatically prefilled (but editable) when creating customer invoices.

  • If you have set up an integration between Qondor and an external CRM, customer address and customer number are kept automatically up to date.

  • Some additional visual adjustments to the new login page

  • When you edit an accommodation product and change the date of a room night that has bookings, you now get a message warning you that this will affect the bookings (the booked dates will change accordingly).


  • Fixed a bug that were introduced in the January release, where accommodation category matrix (restricting an accommodation product to specific categories) had no effect.

  • Fixed a bug where Transport and accommodations couldn't be deleted from the product list on the product group page.

  • Fixed a bug where form occasionally crashed when using conditional form elements.

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