Our main focus this release is on improving the experience for your customers as they view and reply to offers. In addition to a number of visual improvements, we've completely changed how the registration process works for customer contact persons. It's now much easier to register and accessing an offer ofr the first time, and the process of resetting passwords has also been improved.

We've also changed the access control for contact persons, so that by default all contact persons connected to a project may reply to and comment on the offer.

Finally, we've improved image handling. You now see a visual indicator when cropping images, indicating wether the selection you've made is appropriate (big enough). Larger images are also automatically scaled down so that they are displayed much faster on the offer.

We've also included some smaller bugfixes and improvements in other areas of the system.

Please find complete details of all changes below.

Change notes

Below follows a list of changes being released in the March release (rolled out in week 11). Some of the bugfixes listed below may already have been hotfixed on your instance of Qondor.

Major changes

  • The price / info tables containing prices and details for accommodation / transport on the offer have been redesigned for improved readability. Transport specific information is now displayed in a separate table on individual products.

The login / registration experience for contact persons has been rewritten:

  • Contact persons no longer get an email with login link and password when they are created. Instead, they're automatically logged in and allowed to set their own password the first time they access an offer

  • A "remember me" feature is now available so that the contact person doesn't have to enter their password at each visit to the offer

  • When logging in, the contact person is now always presented with a list of all the projects they have access to

  • The number of attempts you can try an invalid password before being locked out has been increased, and the password reset page has been re-designed to match the new Qondor look.

Adding contact persons to a project has been improved:

  • You may now create a new contact person directly from the Project settings page

  • You may now allow several contact persons to comment on and reply to offers

  • The process of adding contact persons has been visually improved in order to be easier to understand and use

Additional improvements

  • Large images are now scaled down automatically after upload (improves loading speed).

  • A number of smaller visual changes to improve the appearence of the offers (Not using as many different font sizes, slightly rounded corners on images, some alignment adjustments)

  • When manually confirming a product in admin, the offer and project now automatically changes status to confirmed. When manually confirming an offer in admin, the project automatically changes status to confirmed.

  • When uploading and cropping images, you now get a warning if the selection isn't big enough (too low resolution) to be displayed properly.

  • Customers may now be deleted if they're not connected to any projects

  • A number of visual improvements on the offer confirmation email

  • The login page now contains a link to our release notes (maybe that is how you got here? :) )

  • Project managers often copy text (hotel descriptions etc) from other websites. Sometimes, hidden HTML from these sites were included together with the texts. The result was often experienced as an offer page that failed to work properly (typically the button for replying to the offer stopped working). We've now added additional filtering to all HTML editors in order to avoid this problem.

  • Adding recipients when sending offer has been made more intuitive

  • Offer is now sent from the project manager sending it, not office email.

  • Rooms on accommodation products are now sorted correctly on offer

  • Email subject for offer confirmation email is adjusted so it no longer indicates that something is confirmed when the customer hasn't answered yes to at least one product.

  • Added borders around the content in list exports to excel

  • New language support: French


  • Fixed a bug where password reset for customer contact persons failed if they were using Firefox

  • Fixed a bug where prices would disappear from products in certain scenarios when saved from the product group view.

  • Editing products in the product group view now allows negative prices

  • Fixed a bug where IATA code wasn't set correctly from the project when creating offers.

  • Fixed a couple of bugs related to conditional form elements.

  • Offer images now work properly in IE8

  • Fixed a bug where images on offer may become misaligned on smaller monitors.

  • Fixed bug where line breaks (paragraphs) were not displayed correctly in offer comments.

  • HTML Editor Templates are now available on Send Offer

  • Fixed a bug where menu items were invisible when viewing an offer.

  • A number of additional minor offer-related bugfixes

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