Do you find the release notes hard to understand?

We've got some feedback that it is hard to understand and find information in our release notes, so we're doing some changes. From now on we won't include all minor changes and bugfixes, just the important ones or ones that affect many people. That way, it will be less information to go through. We'll of course keep fixing lots of small stuff and steadily improving Qondor, even though all won't be listed here.

Starting now, we'll also group changes based on what part of the process they affect. Hopefully that helps a little bit!

New in this release:

New feature: Back office products!

  • You may now add form elements and additional participant fields to a form that is only visible to project managers. This way you may add products to an existing booking in order to handle logistics or get information in lists, or add other type of information and products that the bookers doesn't want or need to concern themselves with.

  • In connection with this we have also added a new option called "Display on booking confirmation" to both product based form elements and additional participant fields that lets you choose wether it is visible in the summary and confirmation to the booker or not.

  • This feature will be expanded with more functionality in future releases. Feedback appreciated!

Booking events and managing bookings

  • It's now a lot quicker to edit existing bookings. You can now navigate to any step in the booking by either clicking "edit" at a related product on the booking details page, or choosing the step in the dropdown above the "Edit booking" button. After you are done with the changes, you may save and skip directly to the booking summary without stepping through the remaining steps of the booking.

  • A number of smaller improvements has been made to the booking summary, in order to make it less cluttered and easier to read. We've also changed the heading and added a bright green confirmation button to the upper right corner and removed the booking reference, to make it easier to understand the booking isn't complete on the summary step.

Viewing and replying to an offer

  • The email the customer gets when replying to an offer, no longer contains the offer confirmation directly in the email body. It is now attached as a pdf.

  • You may now customize the offer confirmation email. This is done under Offer settings. Tip: Create a template if you have a standard reply.

  • A couple of smaller adjustments to the visual presentation on the web

Editing products

  • You may now enter negative IN and OUT prices on products (can be used for refunds, discounts, etc).

Changes to payments and fees

  • We've now introduced invoice address to the customer, that may be different to the main address.

  • We also added an "Additional invoice information" field where you may put additional invoice references, etc. In addition to setting fixed information on the customer, you may also edit or add information to this field when creating a customer invoice.

  • We have renamed the option "Enable payments" to "Enable participant payments", and you may now still invoice products and fees (including change fees) to the customer when this is disabled.

  • At the project level (under payments), we've now added "Cost centre". This can either be defined as free text, or a dropdown of options. When enabled, the booker (contact person) is requested to enter this information on the personalia step.

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