After a long period focusing mostly on offers, we have now started implementing all your requests for improvements on the booking process (Forms). Behind the scenes, I'm excited to announce that we are currently working on an all new Program module! It is optimised for mobile, and will initially be launched as a pilot for one specific project. After getting feedback from the pilot, we will make the necessary adjustments before releasing the first version for all customers (scheduled for Q3 2015).

We are also working on the first version of an internal price calculator. This feature will pilot to one or two customers in May, before being launched for general availability before summer.

New in this release:

This release contains many smaller fixes and improvements as well as a couple of highly requested items: Products can now be booked without name reporting / without limiting the number of products booked to the number of participants in the booking. Also, you may now copy product groups. Details below!

Creating booking forms

  • You may now disable name reporting on a product, and define the amount of bookable products per booking. A booker may book for instance 10 lunches, without assigning names to each booked product. The configuration for this feature is found under the heading "Name reporting" when editing a product.

  • There is now an "edit product" link available on all product form steps, so that you may easily adjust product configurations while editing a form.

  • You may now override the button text on the front page of forms (Available under Form Settings -> Settings)

  • The term "Deadline for remaining payments" has been changed to "Start remaining payments from", as the date indicates the date from when bookers can pay the full amount due on the booking. Before this date, only deposits can be paid. This setting is available under Form Settings -> Settings.

Managing bookings

  • Booking confirmation email subject is now prefixed with "(UPDATE)" when emails are sent as a result of an edited booking. This makes it easier for project managers to separate between new bookings and booking changes.

  • You may now send a copy of the booking confirmation PDF to participants as well (before it could only be sent to contact persons). This feature is available under Bookings -> Booking list.

Managing offers

  • You may now copy product groups

  • Probability Percentage and offer / project status is now updated automatically when status is manually updated on an offer / project, and also when the customer confirms an offer.

  • The name of the offer you are working with is now visible in the header. This avoids confusion when working on projects containing multiple offers.

Project setup

  • All numbers under financial settings can now be set to 0 (zero). Budget revenue % and Budget revenue amount now allow negative numbers. Decimal numbers on gross bookings, gross sales and Budget revenue %.

  • Project list: Projects that were travelling or returned were also listed under Confirmed. That has been fixed so that projects are now always visible under only one category. All categories are now expanded by default.


  • Wether VAT specification is default included in the offer invoice specification or not can now be configured under office settings.

Adjustments accommodation booking

  • You may now require the booker to book only one bed in rooms with multiple beds.

  • Room types may now be sorted. This feature is available as "room position" under each room type while editing accommodation products. The sort order will be reflected on offers, forms, booking summaries, and lists.

  • If you are two persons booking a double room, name reporting will be done automatically.

  • If you are n persons booking n single rooms, name reporting will be done automatically.

  • The "hotels" dropdown is hidden when the form only contains a limited number of hotels.

  • The introduction text and "legend" cluttered up the hotel search page without really making it easier to use, so they have both been removed.

Other stuff

  • Some smaller performance improvements that improves page load times.

  • A bunch (more than 20) of smaller fixes and improvements all over - removing bugs and gradually smoothing the Qondor experience.

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