In May we launched a successful pilot of the new Program module! The pilot project was an internal product conference with more than 2000 participants and 144 (!) different programs, providing each participant with a tailored program on their mobile phones. The experience and feedback provided by the pilot will be used to prepare the program module for general availability in Q3-Q4 2015.

New in this release

Even though we launched a big pilot project, we did of course find time for a number of other improvements as well. Please see below for a list of changes!

Offer pricing summary (beta)

  • A new feature "Offer pricing summary" is now available under each offer, giving you an at-a-glance overview of the financial state of the offer. It also provides detailed financial information about all published products. The Offer pricing summary is released as a beta, so that we can get feedback if it does work or not.

Product configuration and setup

  • All product types (regular product, transport and accommodation) now support the same refund rules. You may now configure any refund percentage, or you may define an absolute refund amount.

  • You may now publish / unpublish products within a group from the product group edit page. You may also quickly publish / unpublish all products within the group

  • Markup has been replaced by Margin in the product price table

  • Several improvements to PNR import/update on transport products (Feature not available for all customers).

Lists and Excel exports

  • We have improved the engine that exports content to excel, so that it's now "real" excel documents that are being generated. They look better, and content and value formatting is handled better.

  • Changes to the accommodation list: Company and remarks are now optional, comment column is hidden if not activated on the project, and you may now add additional participant fields.

  • All lists (Dynamic list of participants & bookings as well as accommodation lists) may now be filtered on status. This means you may now also list information from cancelled bookings.

  • A number of smaller improvements to the list contents

Payments and invoicing

  • Invoice fees are no longer applied to invoice specifications with a negative total amount

Send / Reply to offer

  • The name and email address of the contact person who replies to an offer is now stored under offer history.

  • When replying to an offer, only the contact person who replied receives the offer confirmation (previously all contact persons got a CC of the email).

  • Project number and project manager initials are now displayed on the offer.

Other changes

  • The display order of products on offers, invoice specifications, forms and lists are now more consistent.

  • Performance of the accommodation step / hotel search on forms has been improved, so that it now loads significantly faster on large projects.

  • Based on customer feedback, names and info texts have been improved here and there to make functions easier to understand.

  • A large number of bugfixes and smaller improvements

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