Summer is here!

This is the final release before summer (will be available during week 28), hopefully you have a long and well-deserved vacation coming up! Here at Revio the summer will be spent hard at work with an improved adminweb. As well as visual improvements, we will start the process of re-structuring the layout and organisation of information. The goal of this change is to make the adminweb both easier on the eye and (more importantly) easier to use.

The first release after the summer will also feature the initial version of our new Tasks module!

New in this release

Sending and replying to offers

  • We have now introduced the option of presenting the total price of the accepted products to the customer contact person. Try it out by enabling "Display total offer price" under offer settings!

  • You may now enable a total price row for accommodation products.

  • Default Terms & Conditions (text and/or file) can now be set on the office level. If defined, the default T&C will be added to all new offers. They may also be added to existing offers.

  • Default Offer confirmation email can now be set on the office level, and will be added to all new offers. They may also be added to existing offers.

  • The Quantity field now accepts decimal numbers, so you may sell for instance 7.5 hours.

  • The customer contact person may now comment on the offer even after the option date has expired.

  • When holding the mouse over "accepted" on an accepted product, the time and date when the product was accepted are displayed (won't work for existing replies, only for offers accepted after this release).

Managing bookings

  • Products in dynamic participant lists are now clickable. This opens a new window, taking you directly to the correct step in the booking. This means you can quickly add, edit or remove any product from any booking directly from the list.

  • On the booking summary (before confirming the booking), you now have the option of removing any non-refundable transactions that were created as a result of the changes you made. Feature is only available when editing the booking as an admin.

  • You may also delete existing non-refundable transactions under financial details, assuming it hasn't been paid.


  • Image search Beta 2: The algorithm for the automatic image search has now been improved, and will produce more relevant results. You may also manually search by keyword and/or destination. The image search no longer returns images that are too small.

  • Product images now loads significantly faster, both on the offer and when editing existing images in admin.

  • Some adjustments has been done to the edit/crop feature.


  • A print icon has been added above and below lists, which allows you to print a print friendly version of lists.

  • Export to excel is now available from an excel icon both above and below lists, to avoid the need to scroll all the way to the bottom on long lists.

  • You may now select a general alternative in a list without adding the accompanying product, and get the name of the general alternative as the column header.

  • You may now add a status column on all lists types (logical addition after we introduced the ability to choose which statuses to include in the previous release)

Other changes

  • Many have commented on the "Book 1x" that were added to the name of the products when listed on product steps or choose between products steps on the form. This has now been removed.

  • Some minor improvements to error handling and interaction in relation to project settings and contact persons.

  • A number of other bug fixes (related to offer invoice, conditional form elements, inconsistent error messages, refunds , excel export, form preview, etc) throughout the system

Release webinar (Norwegian only)

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