I guess we should leave the reactions to our customers, but we can't help ourselves. We've spent the summer upgrading the look and feel of the Qondor admin interface, and we're really happy with the result! We hope you enjoy the new look too, and of course we've changed more than just how it looks. We've also made changes to the way things are organised and improved naming and help texts. Our goal was to make admin easier and more intuitive both for new and existing users.

We're also releasing the first version of our brand new tasks module! We know that project managers juggle several projects at the same time, and hope this new module will help you stay on top of your TODOs!

A few additional features and fixes made it to the release as well. Worth mentioning is the ability to edit allotments directly from the product and accommodation overview pages, and more office defaults! Details below.

The new release will be made available during week 36.

New in this release

Admin upgrade

  • As mentioned above, all pages in the Qondor admin have been visually upgraded.

  • Several pages have been reorganised with the goal of being more intuitive.

  • Information texts and mouseover explanations have been added.

Feedback is welcome!

Tasks (Beta)

  • At the upper right corner, next to the profile icon - you will now find a clipboard icon. Click it to discover our new, powerful tasks module.

  • Add a task from anywhere in the system, including a link to the current page and project.

  • Keep track of tasks in your todo as well as what is currently in progress.

  • Powerful filter options: See what is due next week, see and share tasks with other project managers working on the same project, or view and manage tasks for other project managers to cover for someone while they are out of office!

  • Give tasks the focus they deserve by assigning due dates and color

Feedback is welcome! This new feature will be expanded with reminder functionality in future releases.

Office defaults

  • A new check box "Use office defaults" is now available under project settings. When this is checked, language settings and invoice recipient is retrieved from the office settings (make sure you configure this to take advantage of this feature). The setting is enabled on all new projects.

  • The "Use office defaults" feature is also available under offer settings. When checked, price configuration, terms & conditions and default email confirmation text is retrieved from the office settings. The setting is enabled on all new offers.

Project list

  • We've made a couple of temporary fixes to the project list to improve the speed. One of them is that we don't load finished and cancelled projects by default. There are now two buttons at the top of the list that you may use to choose whether you are looking at Pending or Confirmed projects, or Completed or Cancelled projects. We're planning a bigger upgrade of the project list relatively soon.

Booking administration

  • You may now edit allotments directly from the product and accommodation allotment overview pages.

  • You may now manually delete deposit invoice specifications from a booking (go to booking details and click financial details).

Other changes

  • You may now add "choose between" form elements to lists.

  • Some adjustments have been made to the wording regarding payment / invoicing in the booking summary / confirmation, to make it easier to understand for the booker. Invoiced amounts are now referred to as invoiced, not as paid.

  • You may now quick add and edit transport products to groups.

  • A number of bugfixes.

Release webinar (Norwegian only)

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