New in this release

New version of product edit

We've now created a new version for editing products. You will probably notice that settings have moved around quite a bit, and spread into more tabs than earlier. The main reason behind the new layout is that we have now separated information related to form, and information related to offer. This is in preparation of another big, new admin feature (released later): The ability to edit products directly in the form builder! Changing text, images and layout is also easier than before. Finally, the performance has also been improved!

Easier access to our support center

You may now enjoy integrated access to our support center! That means you can easily reach our support center from anywhere in Qondor. In the support center you may read release notes as well as helpful articles on Qondor functions and processes. You may also communicate with technical support. Just click the info icon in the upper right corner. No additional login is required.

Things to note related to the new product edit

  • You may now individually activate the tabs for offer or form, depending on where you want to use the product. Using this actively, you can reduce the amount information you see when editing products.

  • Only products that have the form configuration tabs active are available on the form builder.

  • The internal name of the product is now set by clicking the header when editing a product. This is the name that is displayed in Admin. In addition you may set a different display name for offer, form, invoices and lists.

  • You may now use keyboard shortcuts to jump between products in offer (Alt + Arrow up or Arrow down) and between tabs within a product (Alt + Arrow left or Arrow right). When you get used to this, it will greatly improve the speed of navigating. By holding down Alt and pressing arrow up or down multiple times, you may select the product you want to jump to.

Form related changes in Admin

  • General deposit may now be defined not only as percent of the booking value, but now also as an absolute amount (per booker for multi bookings).

  • When previewing a form or opening as admin/booker multiple times, Qondor will now re-use the same browser tab to help you limit the number of open tabs.

  • You now have more "tags" available to customise the form confirmation email.

  • Accommodation lists are now sorted by room type and arrival date.

  • You now have to activate edit mode in the product / accommodation allotment overview before editing, to reduce the risk of accidental changes.

Changes related to offers

  • We now support different brand/styling for each office. If you would like custom offer design for one or all of your offices, please contact support.

  • Comments in comment notification emails are now sorted chronologically.

  • The setting "accommodation display price" (indicating how accommodation prices are presented on the offer) is now available on the offer level, replacing a similar setting that was previously defined on each accommodation product. It can also be defined on the office level, so that you don't have to worry about this if you keep the office defaults enabled for your offer.

  • The setting "Display total price column" is now available on the offer level, replacing a similar setting that was previously defined on each product. It may also be defined on the office level.

  • When previewing offers multiple times, Qondor will now re-use the same browser tab to help you limit the number of open tabs.

Image search and image upload

  • The image search has been adjusted to give better results, and is now the default choice when selecting images.

  • Images that are up to 25% smaller than the recommended size will now be automatically re-sized to fit the template. This will make it easier to find usable images.

  • The image upload dialog has been improved in connection with the new product edit.

Changes to invoice specification based on offers

  • New office settings allowing you to add destination, departure/arrival and set whether customer number is mandatory

  • Prices / products within a group is hidden on the invoice if the product group settings indicate this. These settings previously only affected the offer, not the actual invoice specification

  • VAT percentage is no longer displayed for each product / row

  • Room nights are only displayed as one line even if the price consist of more than one article.

Additional changes

  • The validation and handling of phone numbers have been improved.

  • Qondor now supports French on the offers and forms, and GBP as project currency.

  • The project details page has been adjusted to fit on one page when printing, and the heading (containing destination and date) font size has been increased.

  • The heading-tags in the html editor now looks better (not indented)

  • The text on the reset password page (also used by customer contact persons) has been adjusted to make it easier to understand.

  • Additional visual improvements to admin

  • ..and as always, a number of additional smaller bugfixes and adjustments!

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