More frequent releases in 2016

This release is quite a bit smaller than usual, and that will be a trend going forward. We aim to release roughly every two weeks. We will provide release notes like this one for each release. Periodically (every time a larger feature or change is released), we will send out information via email and host a webinar. This will probably happen every 1-2 months.

Stay tuned for our December release, it will include the first public beta of our long awaited program module!

New in this release

This release will be made available during week 48.

Changes in product & offer admin

  • You may now add terms & conditions both on the office and the offer level. That means you may apply standard terms & conditions on the office level, and then add additional terms on the offer level (previously, you could only add one or the other)

  • Image search speed improved

Other changes in admin

  • Filtering on the project list has been improved. You may now choose between "my" and "all" projects, and between "pending & confirmed" or "all" projects. If you select "all" on both filters, you will see all projects within your office, making search easier.

  • When you click on a project in the project list, it now opens in a new window. This means your search result is still available in the original window.

  • Project number prefix is no longer unique across offices (two offices may have the same project number prefix)

Additional changes

  • A number of bugfixes in admin and participant web (registration form)

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