Program module released!

Many of you have been requesting a program module, and we are happy to announce that it has now been released! You may now present your customers with programs that look equally good wether they are on their phone, ipad or on a computer. It also works offline so that the program may be viewed abroad without roaming, or on large conferences with poor network access. Add custom logo and images, and adjust the color scheme to represent you or your customer!

To accomodate the vastly different projects being executed in Qondor, you also have a range of authentication options. You may publish open programs that anyone can access, define a shared code or require every participant to submit their phone number before accessing the program. For larger conferences or when accommodating different user groups, you may also set up as many unique programs as you like per project (The pilot project had 144 unique programs). Lastly, you can add files to the program as well as request feedback from the participants.

The program module is available directly in the menu, and as always we appreciate any feedback you may have.

Other changes

  • List columns containing dates are now handled better when being exported to excel

  • Some bug fixes related to lists

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!

The Qondor Team

Release notes webinar

Apologize for starting the recording a bit late

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