New this release

Updates to the program module

  • You may now define a custom text that will be presented to the user on the login page of programs that require a code.

  • Made some changes to program admin to make it more intuitive

  • You no longer need to manually add days to the program. Activities are automatically grouped by day based on the date(s) present on the activities.

  • A print icon is now available on the program web

  • The files section of the program now supports all file types.

  • Several visual improvements to the program web

  • A number of bugfixes

Contact us directly in Qondor!

Towards the end of 2015, we experimented with a new support tool called Intercom to a small number of our users. It allowed our users to contact us directly from within Qondor, and it also allowed us to send information to you.

Starting week 3 of 2016, we will introduce this to everyone. All customers will have a question mark-icon in the lower right corner of the screen when logged in to Qondor admin. You may use this to contact our support. Intercom will also be used to publish release notes and other relevant information directly in Qondor.

Changes to other parts of Qondor

  • Those of you that use our forms module, will notice that the contact person field "gender" now lists "male" or "female" as the available alternatives instead of "mr." and "ms.". If you require the use of titles, you may add title as a custom participant field.

  • A number of smaller adjustments throughout the system.

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