New in this release

Changes to the program module

  • The program web is now translated to all supported languages

  • You may now delete programs

  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

Changes to the offer

  • New option "Show total price per person" on product group allowing you to present a per person price for the group.

Changes to registration form

  • You may now rename "Category" (Available under form settings -> texts). The user-defined name for this field will be displayed both on the form and in lists.

  • When setting up an accommodation element in the form builder, you may now define a custom introduction text that will be displayed on the hotel search page.

Changes to list functionality

  • The snapshot / compare functionality is now hidden behind a "list options" link at the bottom of Dynamic participant / accommodation list. This to avoid confusion for participants viewing public lists.

  • Fixed bugs in snapshot / compare functionality

Additional changes

  • You now have the option of selecting all products for invoicing when creating invoice specifications based on offer.

  • Copy project now also copies programs, offer text lines and form conditions.

  • Numbers under the financial section of project settings are now formatted like financial numbers, in order to reduce the risk of accidently inserting the wrong number.

  • After the installation of Chrome 48, customers experienced that Send offer stopped working properly. This has now been fixed.

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