New in this release

Changes in the project list

  • You may now choose to open projects from the project list in a new window (option at the upper right corner of the list).

  • New quick filter in the project list for showing only travelling projects

Definition change: Contact person / Participant

  • The difference between "contact person" and "participant" has been somewhat confusing in some parts of the system, and we have now tried to improve that.

  • When choosing who is paying for a product, the alternative "Participant (based on bookings)" has been renamed to "Booker".

  • When sending email to single bookings (either from booking summary or from a list), you no longer have a choice between "contact person" and "participant", as this is the same person.

  • When sending email to multibookings, the email will always be sent to the booker. By default it is also sent to all participants, but you have the option to "send only to booker (contact person)".

  • Everwhere we previously referred to "contact person", this is now changed to "booker (contact person)".

Adjustments program

  • Improved print version

  • Improved preview (now shows changes immediately after refresh)

Other changes

  • You may now reset the password of contact persons. After doing this, the contact person will be asked to set a new password the next time he/she opens an offer (similar to the first time after the contact person was created).

  • Booking comment on registration form is now default disabled on new projects.

  • We've made some performance improvements so that loading the project list and customer list is now faster.

  • We have made some adjustments to the send email dialogue in preparation for the SMS module that will be released shortly.

  • A number of bugfixes

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