New in this release

Introducing Qondor SMS module

In this release we introduce the ability to communicate with project participants via SMS. Any part of the system where you may currently communicate with a participant via email, you may now also communicate using SMS. Either directly to one participant, or to a list of participants. You may also define an alphanumeric sender (For instance the name of your company) either on the office or project level, so that the SMS will appear as coming from "YourCompany" on the recipients phone. The system supports sending SMS to practically any country in the world.

More information and tips about SMS is available here

A communication log allowing you to see information and status about all email and sms sent within a project will be made available in our mid-march release.

In order to activate SMS in Qondor, you need to order a pre-paid package. Please check out the "Send SMS message" function in Qondor or contact for more information.

Amadeus / Transport related changes

  • You may now copy and paste PNR-information from Amadeus in order to automatically create segment information for transport products. Click the new "Paste flight segments" button under the segment-tab to access this feature.

  • We have introduced a new column "Name in amadeus format" in the dynamic participant list that displays the participant name in an Amadeus compatible format.

List of projects connected to a customer

  • When viewing / editing a customer, a new tab "Project list" is now available. Here you will find a list of all projects connected to this customer.

Form related changes

  • Mobile phone country prefix and country is now detected and pre-selected based on the browser of the booker

Offer related changes

  • We now display the full name of the project manager on the offer, where we previously displayed his or her initials.

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