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Introducing the Communications log (beta)!

In this release we introduce the communications log! This will give you an overview of all email and SMS sent to the participants in your project. Whenever you are about to send an sms or email, a link to the communications log is also available. Please check it out, and feel free to send us feedback on this new feature!

Improvements to the program module

  • Improved usability when using keyboard (better tab order), also introduced shortkey Alt+N to add a new activity to a program.

  • Fixed a bug where the programweb did not always display updated program information. Note that it will take up to five minutes before an updated program is fetched (even if you refresh the browser).

  • The user now gets a warning if opening the program in private browsing mode (this doesn't work), helping him understand how to make it work.

  • Some minor visual adjustments.

Form related changes

  • The allotment overview pages now only display products that are actually present on the form.

  • Booker field "cost centre" is now available in lists

  • Improved validation of phone numbers.

Other changes

  • The text preview under products has been removed. It caused the page to scroll if you entered long texts, and were often more annoying than practical. In order to preview your changes, we suggest you click "Preview offer" after making changes to quickly view it on the web.

  • You may now click on a customer in the project list to go directly to the customer page.

  • We now display all projects regardless of status in the new customer project list.

The next release will not be until after Easter, so we hope you all enjoy the holidays!

The Qondor Team

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