We are happy to announce that we have rewritten our invite functionality from the ground up. Therefore, we now introduce several improvements making it even easier and more effective for you to handle projects with participant invitations!

Due to these improvements, some form related menu options have been moved, please see below for details.

Invite improvements

  • You can now see all your participants regardless of status, both in a new "Participants" view and in our existing Dynamic participant list. This means you have full control over all participants in one view, including how many you have invited, how many who have actually booked, etc.

  • We have introduced some new participant statuses to reflect where in the invitation process each participant is:

    Potential (not invited yet but has been imported into Qondor)
    Invited (same as before - invitation has been sent)
    Attending (accepted the invitation/booked)
    Not attending (declined the invitation)
    Rejected (invitation has been withdrawn/made invalid by the project manager)

  • You may communicate with each participant, a selection of participants or all participants using both email and sms, regardless of their status.

  • You may now include a "No thank you" link in your invitation emails, and track how many participants decline the invitation.

  • If someone creates a booking on a project with invited participants, we match their email address against the list of invitees to avoid duplicates. The matching is done on both single- and multi bookings.

  • You may now import participants from an Excel list with all participant fields including any custom participant fields. You can create new custom fields in the import process to map all columns you want to import.

  • Support for withdrawing an invitation to a potential participant, so their invitation link becomes invalid. This can be used if someone does not reply to their invitation within a certain time frame and you would like to invite someone else instead.

  • You may now preview invitation only projects.

Where is everything?

  • The invite menu is gone, and you will find the invite functionality under the new Participant menu, in the Participants menu item. This is where you are able to import/add participants and send out invitations/communicate with them.

  • Participant categories and Category matrix have also been moved to the new Participant menu.

  • Booker fields and Standard participant fields have been moved from the Form builder and has been given their own menu items in the Form menu.

Other changes


  • Starting from April 27th 2016, you will only be able to define sender email addresses belonging to verified domains. Customers have been contacted specifically about this to ensure correct configuration. Project managers attempting to add an unverified email address to a sender field in Qondor after this date, will get an error message.

List changes

  • If you include Booking ref on Dynamic participant lists, you can now click on it to open Booking details directly from the list.

  • Category matrix now only includes products that are added in the Form builder.

  • The communication log now updates automatically when changing filters (no need to click "apply filter").

  • Communication log, Booking list and Tasks now have a "Clear all" feature to reset filters to default settings.

Other smaller changes

  • Print of programs now handle multiple pages better (Chrome recommended).

  • Small adjustments to image search logic, resulting in more results in some scenarios.

  • Total price per person is now listed above the total price when both are visible on product groups.

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