• We are working on a new Participants module which will be launched in an upcoming webinar. The last release (week 15) introduced new Invite functionality, the first step towards greater possibilities for administering participants, particularly in projects without a booking form. More improvements are now released, so stay tuned for further updates!

Program to participants

  • Participants in a project, both those imported in the Participants module and those who have registered via the booking form, can now be assigned to a program. You may define that the user must login with phone number or a unique code in order to present them to the correct program. More information regarding this will be provided in an upcoming webinar.

  • When a program is assigned to a participant, a program_link is available in the communication dialogue for sms and email. When used, a link to the program will be automatically inserted and each participant will receive the link to their program.

Other changes

  • You may now include an "Add to calendar" option in the email confirmation to bookers, so that they may add the event to their calendar by opening an attached ics file. This new feature can be enabled under Form -> Settings -> Email.

  • Characters not supported by Amadeus are now filtered out when displaying the "Name in Amadeus format" column in the Dynamic participant list.

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 are no longer supported. We recommend using the latest version of the browser of your choice.

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