SMS and Email scheduling

  • You may now schedule sms and emails, meaning that as an alternative to sending immediately, you may set a date and time when the message will be sent. Scheduled messages are visible in the communication center (previously communication log).

  • We have made information about message length more explicit when sending SMS messages. Note that if your message exceed 160 characters, it will be made up of more than one SMS (thereby multiplying the cost of sending it, as the service is priced per SMS, not per message).

  • Improved log details in the communication center.

Changes to email sender

  • The sender of emails sent from Qondor has not been consistent so far, so we have taken some steps to improve this.

  • The "Sender" option in office settings can now be set to "Office email", "Team email" (if defined) or "Project manager". Note that office settings is only accessible for office administrators.

  • The "Sender" option is now required, and will be set to office email for all offices that don't have this option set.

  • All parts of the system now use the email defined in the Sender option when sending email.

  • The Sender may be overridden under Project settings for each individual project.

  • If a "Copy to" email is defined, this email now gets a copy (BCC) of all email sent to bookers, participants and customer contact persons.


  • The program now indicates if an activity has additional text and/or feedback questions. You can also see whether you have replied to the questions.

  • You may now submit feedback even though you are offline.

  • Expand/Collapse buttons are now hidden if no activities have additional info.

  • You may now rename the "Info" and "Files" tabs, in Program settings -> Texts.

  • You may now add additional content tabs to the program via the menu item functionality. Choose type "Content page" and you will get the option to publish it on program.

Other changes

  • When creating a dynamic participant list, you may now configure a category filter, only including participants belonging to the specified categories.

  • For security reasons, we are introducing email verification for project manager users. After the release you will be prompted to verify your email address, please follow the instructions to do so.

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