Improved Accommodation list (Forms)

  • It is now easier to identify and match participants who are sharing rooms!

  • All participants who have booked part of a room are grouped together at the top of the list

  • First name and Last name are displayed in separate columns so you may sort the list on for example Last name to easily match people together.

  • Check out the example below, hope you like it!

Paste flight segments with KK status (Transport product in Offer)

You may now paste flight segments with KK format from Amadeus, in addition to the other statuses already supported.

Participant Import greatly improved

  • Only First name and Last name is now mandatory in the import, Email is no longer mandatory.

  • A Help Center article is now added in the Import Participants menu to help you define your Excel spreadsheet with correct information.

  • If your import is not successful, you will be told why and what you need to change in order to make it work.

  • The following Excel formats are now supported: .xls and .xlsx.

We are very close to launching the Participants module, so stay tuned for updates!

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