New and improved Participants module

The long-awaited Participants module makes it easier for you to handle participants in all projects, also those without registration forms!

  • Transfer any list of participants from Excel into your project

  • Keep all information about participants updated in one place

  • Communicate with all or a selection of participants by email and sms

  • Generate dynamic lists and distribute them to customers and suppliers to keep them up to date

  • Export name reporting information in GDS-ready format

  • Quickly find a participant using the excellent search functions

  • Invite participants to book on a registration form and keep track of who have used, declined and ignored the invitation

For a quick introduction watch this video.

Names in Amadeus format ready to be pasted into your PNR

We have improved the "Name in Amadeus format" function in Lists to display the exact format required. So you may now simply export your list to Excel, copy traveler names and paste them directly into your Amadeus booking! See example below:

Form related changes

  • We have made the booking summary/confirmation ​a little tidier by displaying the custom participant fields together with the contact person details for single bookings. For multibookings custom participant fields are shown in the participant overview only.​

  • The financial information displayed at the top left in Bookings now show amounts Paid by booker only and can therefore be used to keep track of the financial status in your project. This view can also be found in Project details.

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