Email address displayed at the top of offers with expired option date, is now the sender email on the project, not the main project leader as previously displayed:

The project email address is defined in Project settings:


  • Deposit lines are now displayed as the last line on the invoice, where they were previously displayed as the first line:


  • You can now export participant names in Galileo format in the same way as you can export in Amadeus format:

Bookings (Form)

  • You may now define your own subject for the registration confirmation email that bookers receive when registering on a form. Don't worry, the subject will be the same as it always has been unless you change it specifically in a project in Form settings -> Email. You are able to add customized text, tags as displayed below or a combination of the two:

  • Customers and participants who try to use a Form Preview link to register, will now see the message below on all form steps including the front page of the form, to prevent them from using the wrong link (if distributed to them)

QR codes

  • You may now distribute QR codes to participants using the "Badge link" in any email or SMS dialogue. This will insert a unique link to a QR code that can be opened on a computer, tablet or phone.

  • Note that to use QR codes for checking in participants, you must use the Qondor Check in module. Contact for more information.

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