Most of our efforts over the last two years have been aimed at adding new features to Qondor. The main goal has been to make the system as feature complete as possible. We will release additional features in 2016, but will also focus on improving the features added so far.

The communicated goal for our first 2015 release was originally to focus on accommodation improvements. While that is still a priority, we have decided to fix the most pressing issues (as reported by our customers), not only issues related to accommodation. In practice there are relatively few changes related to accommodation in the January release, also in part because we are still in the design phase for many of the accommodation related changes. This release contains a quite broad range of fixes, while the next release will focus on fixes related to the offer module. The release after that will probably focus on accommodation.

Change notes

Below follows a list of changes released on the main January release, including some minor fixes released earlier this month.

New features

  • In this release we introduce some changes to the color scheme in admin, a new login page as well as the introduction of the new Qondor logo.

  • It is now possible to copy offer text elements, so that they may be re-used from previous projects.

  • It is now possible to add offer text elements to groups.

  • "Departure from" and "Arrival at" fields under Transport product segments now support search / autocomplete by IATA code.

  • New offer-level setting where you may choose wether to show total price including or excluding VAT.

Improvements & Changes

  • Due to limited CSS-support in various email readers, it is difficult to make the offer look identical in the email and on the web. To ensure visual consistency and to keep the information in the email clear and accessible, we have decided to remove images from the offer email confirmation.

  • It is no longer possible to invite people to unpublished forms.

  • Login link is now optional in invitation emails.

  • Add image window is reduced to accommodate screens with low resolution.

  • Minor changes to layout under Form settings

  • Minor improvements to product category page, also fixed that link to products didn't work

  • Improved help text under form settings / payments

  • New file name format for customer invoice files: [project number] [PM Initials] - Invoice specification [number of the invoice]

  • When uploading an image you now get a "please wait" message, and a the mouse pointer changes to a loading circle to indicate that the image is being uploaded and processed.

  • The send offer dialogue has changed so that you can now only send to contact persons connected to the project.

  • The sum in the total price column for accommodation is now calculated as [room price * number of nights * alotment] regardless of how "display price on offer" is configured.

  • The prices in all price columns on the offer are now aligned to the right.

  • Organisation number is now displayed in the same font and font size as customer address on the offer

  • The section containing products you have declined or are unsure about on the offer summary page is now hidden if it doesn't contain any products

  • Total prices that sum up to zero is now hidden on the offer summary page.


  • Description for products that are blocked for the bookers category, is no longer visible on the participant web / form.

  • Excel export form lists: Line breaks in cells created new rows instead of line breaks within the cell. This made Sorting and Filtering the excel file difficult. Line breaks are now ignored to avoid this behaviour.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes when adding a copied accommodation product to the form, it becomes blocked for all categories.

  • Fixed a bug where Price including VAT was always visible on the offer regardless of product price configuration.

  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes reverted to normal booking mode while in preview/test mode if you clicked the previous button.

  • Improved link handling in emails to reduce the risk of broken links. Links were previously broken in some email readers.

  • Fixed a bug where accepting a product group on the offer didn't always accept all products in the group when group was configured to "hide products in group".

  • Fixed a bug where products were visible in offer email confirmation even though there were configured to be hidden on the offer.

  • Fixed a bug where accommodation prices were not always visible in the offer confirmation email

  • Image upload now works in Internet Explorer 8

  • A number of additional minor fixes.

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