Spelling control

In all text boxes (html editors) we have activated spell check based on your browser language. We hope you will greatly enjoy this new feature :)

Important! Spell check will only work if it is enabled in your browser. Click here for a quick guide of how to do this in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Quickly add extra costs to Customer invoices

You may now add extra price lines on invoice specifications directly in the invoicing menu, without having to create products and accept them first!

Registration forms

  • In the form steps menu on Participant Web, the standard steps are now displayed with icons instead of text. This applies to Home, Personal information, Summary, Payment and Thank you. It makes the menu more attractive plus it saves space.

  • If you choose to hide the menu, the "Home" item is visible in the form steps menu and you may click on it.

  • The "Reservation information" box has a better look. If no products are booked a shopping basket and a text telling the booker that nothing is selected yet is displayed. The box is never displayed if the form has no product steps.

  • Form logo may now be disabled entirely. If you do have one you will see it in the design preview in Admin Web.

  • The Summary step has an improved design. Other layout changes will be introduced here at a later stage.

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