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Handle participants in Qondor

Keep information secure and all updates in one place, communicate directly with participants and increase customer satisfaction

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Whether you handle group trips, conferences, meetings or events you will almost always have to handle participant details during your project. You must register traveler names in Amadeus or other transport booking system, send rooming list to the hotel or agent, keep control of all changes happening the week before departure and so on. So, you need a solution.

We all know that having multiple versions of participant lists is a practical pain; it is time consuming and there is room for error. So, you need a better solution.



  • Import any Excel list with participant information into your project so you have updated information in one secure place

  • Handle and track changes for more quality assuring project management

  • Communicate with participants by email and sms and see a complete communication log

  • Generate lists and securely share them with suppliers and customers to keep them updated

  • Invite participants to book on a registration form and track who has accepted and declined the invitation.



  • Import a list of traveler names, export it in Amadeus ready format and paste it directly into your PNR for fast and quality assuring name reporting

  • Import a list of hotel details including check in and check out date, room type and sharing with information and securely share the list with the hotel or agent who will have an updated version at all times

  • Send SMS to participants before departure with link to a great looking mobile friendly program.

  • Send SMS to participants attending the gala dinner on dress code

  • Send SMS on location change to participants signed up for a seminar

  • Send email instructions on what to pack to all participants signed up for a hiking event

  • Update participants with information about table number for the dinner and inform anyone two hours beforehand on where they are sitting

  • Import all leads and send an invite to a breakfast meeting. Keep track of attending and not attending.

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