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General Qondor concepts explained
General Qondor concepts explained

Get to know the Qondor language

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Every meeting/incentive/conference/event/group travel request from your customers is considered a project in Qondor, even if the customer doesn't accept your offer or if a confirmed project is later cancelled. We recommend registering all customer requests to have full overview of your business.


Every Qondor project must have at least one project manager. This person is responsible for the project from request to closing, and communicates with customers and suppliers. A Qondor project can have up to three project managers.


A customer is the company/organization the person who has the initial request belongs to. Every Qondor project must have a customer connected to it.


A contact person is someone from the customer you cooperate with on the project. A project must have at least one contact person. A contact person has a personal user account based on their email address, and uses this to sign into the Customer web page on a project to view your offering.


A website for each project, where the customer logs in to view offers for a particular request. The page displays links to all published offers to the customer. Project managers can customize the page with text, pictures and menu items such as program, participant lists, files, information pages and links to other web pages.


An offer is a online proposal for a contract to your customer, based on the initial request. A project can have one or more offers. If your customer would like offers for more than one location, it is recommended to create one offer per location. Offers are published on Customer Web for your customer to view and answer.

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