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Set up check-in points

Learn how to set up your check-in points in Qondor

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A Check-in point in Qondor is something you register attendance at and control access to.

You can have one or several Check-in Points in Qondor during an event. Check-in points in Qondor can for example be "Entrance day one", "Bar after dinner", "Lunch day two", "Seminar A" and so on. 

Note that an on-site Check-in point may need several access counters/gates, depending on number of participants accessing the Check-in point.

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Example of an on-site Check-in Point:


To use Check-in on a project, you must have at least one check-in point and attendees available for Check-in must be registered in Qondor with status "Attending".  If you only need to document overall attendance at the event you can create just one Check-in point accessible to all attending attendees.


1. First, Check-in needs to be activated on your project. In order to activate check-in on your project, please submit your requirements for your event here: Once this is complete, Qondor Support will activate check-in within one working day on your project. This will open up the check-in points menu under Participant.

2. From Participant -> Check-in Points add a new Check-in Point.

3. Name: This will be displayed on Lists and in the Check-in module.

4. Description:  Only visible to the Check-in personnel using the Check-in module on-site.

4. Allow check out: Check to allow attendees to check out from the event using the search function in the Check-in module. This is valuable in case you check in the wrong person, or have a bar set up with voucher sales you for some reason want to undo.

5. Override texts: Fully customize the texts shown in the Check-in module, for example when using vouchers.

6. Override number of check-ins: If you want to, and needed if you have for example more than one voucher per attendee.

7. Set Requirements to set access control on the Check-in Point, either through a Product from your Registration Form or a Custom Participant Field.

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