1. Submit your requirements here: 

You will need to provide the following details:

  • Qondor project number

  • Estimated number of participants

  • The event date(s)

  • The Check-in method, choose from RFID (wristbands)*, QR-code with scanner, QR code with mobile camera check-in or Web Browser. If you are unsure, select "unsure" and we will contact you to determine the most suitable method for the event. 

  • Once you have submitted your request, Qondor support will activate check-in on the requested project(s) within 1 working day.

  • If you have more than one project you want to enable check-in on, you must submit one registration per project.

*RFID: The wristband price requires a minimum order of 500 pcs. If you require less than 500 pcs please contact us for a quote. Wristbands order must be placed minimum 6 weeks in advance.

2. If you are unsure before ordering, you can discuss your options with the Qondor support team:

  • Which check-in option(s) to use

  • How to set up and work with check-in on the project

  • Any technical requirements

  • This can be done through a web meeting

3. Continue by following our help documentation on Check-in

4. Contact Qondor support if you have any further questions.

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