When your event is taking place, it's highly interesting to see who actually turns up and when, and track no shows. Every event can benefit from this, specifically in terms of security and travel tracking. With Qondor Check-in you can:

  • Check-in participants on-site with QR codes using scanners or your mobile phone, RFID wristbands or manually in your web browser

  • Document attendance at an event and/or several activities in real time

  • Identify where participants are at any time

  • Track no-shows

  • Send segmented information to attendees and no-shows

  • Handle personal food or drink vouchers


Access control

Don't let anyone into your meeting or event without access

Travel tracking

In case of unforeseen events, keep track of people at any time

Speed and efficiency

Using QR codes or wristbands is way faster than manually checking each attendee against a list, and the solution can handle unlimited amount of check-ins per minute

Personal vouchers

Use QR code or RFID wristband check-in to handle for example a maximum of 3 drink vouchers for dinner

Satisfied attendees

A smooth registration process without queues and questions and perhaps with some cool technology they haven't used before, will give you happy attendees!

Reporting and follow up

Generate reports on shows and no-shows in real time, send segmented emails or SMS to attendees and no-shows for follow-up

Fire regulations

Keep track of how many people are present at the venue in case of fire or other emergencies

Securely stored in the cloud and works offline

All check-ins and vouchers used are stored securely and if system is offline, it will automatically sync when internet connection is restored.

Qondor Check-in stores personal data from your attendees in your web browser in order to work offline. If you're using a computer which is not your own for a Check-In project we recommend removing all Qondor data from the computer.

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